Movie Stuff: “A Star is Born” Review (Spoiler Free)

I’m pretty positive I just saw my first 2019 Oscar nominated movie this year. A Star is Born was everything I hoped it would be. It had so much passion and heart topped with incredible original songs by Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper.


A Star is Born has been done three times before –  1937, 1954, and 1976 respectively – and I haven’t seen any of them. I went into the theater with very little knowledge of what had been done before and I guess I purposefully didn’t watch or read much promotion content leading up it. I wanted to experience it fresh and unbiased. I wanted to know the feelings I was experiencing were really mine and I’m so glad I did. I laughed and I almost cried but what was beautiful was I actually got chills. The kind of chills you get when you’re at a concert watching your favorite band play your favorite song. I can’t remember a time where I watched a concert in a film and found myself wanting to clap when a song was over. I really felt like I was a part of the live show. Bonus: both Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper sang everything live in the film. I had no idea Bradley Cooper had pipes!

And the acting. I expect Oscar nominations for both Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper. Their performances were tragic, beautiful, and raw. They were both stripped down – figuratively and literally. Seeing Lady Gaga with minimal hair styling and make up of course helped removed the Gaga mystique for the audience but it also helped her character shine. And on a personal note, I loved the compliments to Gaga’s prominent Italian features. From one Italian girl to another, thanks.

A Star is Born is in theaters now.

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