Music Monday: “Mr. Brightside”

Happy October you guys! It’s officially spooky szn.


It’s also Monday which means a new edition of Music Monday comin’ atcha. Admittedly I am a couple days late on spotlighting this one because two days ago on September 29th was the 15th anniversary of this iconic anthem being released:

Yes, on September 29th, 2003 The Killers released “Mr. Brightside” and people everywhere lost their minds. This song and music video was a staple in my morning routine getting ready for school when MTV actually played music videos. Because of this, I will forever link “Mr. Brightside” and “Stacey’s Mom” together. Fourteen year old Brit would be so happy to hear that “Mr. Brightside” made it to her wedding playlist and it was a massive dance party on the floor.

This song was the first single off of The Killer’s debut album Hot Fuss and introduced us to The Killers Las Vegas-Americana sound as well as Brandon Flowers’ fine self with eye liner. Also, can we talk about how killer (pun intended) Hot Fuss is as an album? It’s in my list as one of my top 5 favorite albums of all time. There is not one dud track on it. Some might argue “Everything Will be Alright” is but they’re wrong – it’s a perfect bookend wind down track opposite the opener of “Jenny Was a Friend Mine”. It brings you down from the trip you just went on listening to that album. Pro tip: if you ever get the opportunity to see The Killers live, don’t pass it up.

So come out of your cage kids, crank up the volume, and revisit Hot Fuss today. Destiny is calling you.

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