Music Monday: “Leaving Through the Window”

Happy Monday, folks. Monday’s can be a real drag, huh? To make them suck hopefully just a *little bit* less, I’m going to hit you with a music throwback. During my usual Sunday routine of errands, I was driving to the grocery store listening to one of my Spotify algorithm curated playlists. The playlist was “My Time Capsule” playlist to be exact (a playlist Spotify creates for you consisting of songs they think you would have listened to in high school) – when “I Kissed a Drunk Girl” by Something Corporate came on. I was immediately like “Aw, hell yeah”. So, this post will be dedicated to Something Corporate’s 2002 album Leaving Through the Window.

Something_Corporate-Leaving_THrough_The_WindowLeaving Through the Window is Something Corporate’s second studio album and their major label debut. And this album was👏🏻my 👏🏻jam (well ONE of my jams). You see, between around 2001-2006 was what I consider the hey day for pop punk, emo rock music. Which lined up perfectly with high school and puberty – lucky us! Emo trash teenagers like myself and my best friend had tons of bands like Something Corporate to choose from but Something Corporate had something not many of the other bands had – a piano.


This album has everything – songs for you when you’re feeling used by your 15 year old boyfriend or friend with benefits (“I Want to Save You”), songs about the guy you thought was cute at Warped Tour (“Punk Rock Princess”), a song about a dog (??), and songs for when you make a drunk mistake with the liquor you took from your parents liquor cabinet (“I Kissed a Drunk Girl”)*. I mean, COME ON.

*Side note: When I had Something Corporate on heavy rotation the only thing I was getting drunk on was life.

It also provided so much material for the perfect AIM away message. Examples:

  • When you’re feeling sad: ~*I wanna hang on to something that won’t [break] away or f a l l   apart*~
  • When you’re feeling not sad:  ~*~Calling out to the astronaut // I need some of what you’ve got // I need to be [high]~*~

You could not pay me to be 15 years old again.

I will always have fond memories listening to this album and watching the Live from Ventura Theater concert DVD with my friend in her living room, imagining what it would be like to see them live. This eventually did happen during their reunion tour many years later.

Enjoy. I’m hoping to make Music Mondays a thing so stay tuned for future album choices to take you down memory lane.

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